What of a delicacy store this would be without chocolate? Some of You might think at this moment: „...but wait, chocolate is not authentic Croatian product...“ Well, You are right, it is not, but...

There are many small producers of handmade chocolate in Croatia over long period of years. Their chocolates are made using spices, special ingredients and exotic herbs from Croatia giving those chocolates a unique, exotic and authentic taste that comes well in any ocassion. In one way we can say that chocolate making is becoming a tradition.

A glass of red wine and few pieces of spicy chocolate – perfect combination to enjoy the moment and taste and to let go all toughts. Let only senses work.

We invite you to try chocolates from our selection which we will expand over time, searching for more unique and exotic flavours.

Our recommendation for chocolates with authentic flavours are:

Chocolate with Pag cheese – world famous cheese from Pag blended into dark chocolate

Chocolate with rosemary – dark chocolate with bits of rosemary which gives exotic taste

Chocolate dragees with red pepper – perfect companyon to wine for a special evening.

Chocolate with truffles – needles to say anything, only for hedonists

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