For centuries, honey was people's food, sweetener and medicine. According to Hippocrates, honey, water and air are cure for all diseases. Ancient Greeks called it nectar of the gods.

It contains more than 180 nutritional ingredients such as organic acids, minerals, vitamins, enzymes, wax, pollen, etheric oils. Honey and honey products are excellent immunity boosters. Nowadays, in terms of return to the healthy living it replaces classic white sugar more and more.

Honey types depend on herbs of which honey is made of. This depends of the geographic area, terrain, altitude and climate. Since Croatia is geographically diverse country, there are many types of honey traditionally produced. From Slavonija in the East, over central Croatia down to Dalmatia in the South, each region has its characteristic sorts of Honey. Traditionally, in Croatia, people used to produce honey from mixed flowers, chestnut flower, acacia, linden, honeydew

Exotic types of honey from Croatia are Mediterranean herbs honey and mountain honey which are very rare and esteemed.

Our store offers various types of traditionally produced honey as well as some honey delicacies such as various mixtures of nuts and honey. There are also some cakes made with honey and some specialties such as honey vinegar – unusual and exotic way to spice up your salad.

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