Liqueurs and Spirits

Domestic made alcoholic drinks - liqueurs and spirits were traditionally produced in Croatia for centuries. Probably most famous alcoholic drink in Croatia is Rakija. Like Vodka in Russia, Rakija is one of the representative spirits in Croatia. Rakija is strong alcoholic drink with typically 40% of alcohol, made by process of destilation. It can be produced practically of any kind of fruit or vegetable. Variety of traditionaly made spirits in Croatia is endless. During history, people have experimented with any kind of vegetables and not only fruit. The result was that today, we have some very exotic and very interesting types of rakija such as olive rakija, almond rakija, carob rakija and even rakija made from wine.

For sure, one of most common and one of most recognized spirits iz Šljivovica, rakija made from plum. Most famous Šljivovica comes from Lika and Slavonija. Other famous rakija types are Travarica made from grapes with addition of aromatic herbs and different types Kruškovača (made from different sort of pear).

Second very poplar alcoholic drinks are liqueurs. Typically liqueurs are made using rakija as base, which is then mixed with different types of fruit and let to age and aromatize, while rakija is made using destilation process. Typically, liqueur have 15 – 25% of alcohol content and have fuller fruity taste than rakija. Typical Croatian liqueur is Orahovac made from chestnut and Višnjevac, made from cherry.

We offer more than 50 different types of traditional rakija and liqueurs. We tried to cover any herb that can be found growing in Croatia and any rakija and liqueur that has been traditionally produced in Croatia. We hope that spirit lovers will find something for them. There is something for every taste, sweet or bitter, strong or mild, fruit or herb. Every rakija or liqueur is available for degustation.

We recommend:

Medicament – liqueur made from honey and mint – to keep you warm in long winter nights

Tepka – rakija made from black pear, very rear sort. Quite different flavor than common type pear rakija. Rakija with noble taste, made to enjoy the good company.

Teranino – liqueur made from Istrian sort of wine – Teran. Its mild and sweet taste make it preferable choice by ladies.

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