Olive Oil

“Olea prima omnium arborum est” – Olive is the queen of all trees - ancient Romans used to say.

Like in many Mediterranean countries, olives are grown and cherished in Croatia over centuries and even from ancient times. Olives are one of most noble and characteristic cultures from Croatian coast. Like olives, olive oil production has a long and rich tradition in Croatia.

This highly valued and healthy ingredient is used to prepare a variety of dishes cold and warm. Even some desserts are made with olive oil.

Olive oil is used also as spice. A few drops of high quality olive oil will make a huge difference to your salad.

It was and still is widely used as people’s medicine. In modern times it is used increasingly in cosmetic treatments.

A bottle of noble olive oil in classy old-fashion bottle can make or complete a perfect present.

We are proud on Croatian tradition in olive oil production and we are proud to present You some of the world famous and awarded olive oils in our store made from authentic Croatian olive sorts. Needles to say, all oils are extra virgin and produced exclusively by cold pressing.

We recommend:

Dekleva – world famous and awarded olive oil from Istria.

Olive oil with rosemary – rosemary branch in olive oil gives an extra taste to this extra virgin olive oil

Olive oil with lemon juice – goes perfect together with fish dishes

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