Truffle is a king of spices and diamond of the kitchen. It has been used as a spice since antic times. It is an underground growing mushroom. Usually their size is between size of a cherry and size of a potato. It has a specific taste and very distinctive and intensive smell that is giving unoforgettable flavour to any meal where it is used. Today, truffles are precious and very highly esteemed ingredient.

Truffles grow in the heart of Istria, in the wet grey soil around town of Buzet and close to river Mirna. This region is considered as a center of truffles in Croatia. Truffles can be found also in other places of North Istria. Trained dogs and hogs are used to help find truffles in the ground.

Two sorts of truffles can be found in Croatia - Black truffle and White truffle.

In our store we offer both sorts of truffles as well as variety of other truffle products such as truffle olive oil, different kinds of truffle paste and various truffle creams, honey liqor with truffles, truffle cakes, truffle chocolate and other products where truffles are added to enrich the flavour.

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