Wine in Croatia has long and rich tradition. First historic evidences of wine production date back to Ancient Greek times.

Croatia is geographically very diverse country. Teritory of Croatia covers or lies between some great European natural regions such as Mediteranean coast in South and West, Panonian plain in the NorthEast, Dinaric Alps in South and hilly area in the NorthWest that can be considered as edge of Alpine region. Each of those regions influences a climate and weather of Croatia in its own way. Following geographical and climate diversity, there are many wine producing regions with different characteristic sorts of wine.

Variety of sorts of Croatian wine is large and to be proud of, there are many unique and world famous wine sorts characteristic only to Croatia. In addition, practically any of most famous sorts of wine can be found to be produced in Croatia.

In general, North – East region is famous for white fruity wines of rich taste. Istrian wines in the West are similar to Italian wines. Southern Croatian wines are typical Mediteranean style wines with strong and rich flavour.

Some of Most famous Croatian sorts of wine are: Plavac Mali, Pošip, Gegić, Istrian Malvazija, Teran, Marština, Babić, Žlahtina. Most of those are authentic Croatian.

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